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Personal Evangelism

Personal Evangelism

Learn how to be a fisher of men! This course will give you the practical tools you need to be an effective soul winner for Jesus.

Course Overview

About This Course

When you enroll in this course, you will learn practical skills on how to win a soul for Christ. You will learn how to engage people in meaningful conversations and to transition naturally into spiritual topics. You will discover simple and effective means to easily find Bible study contacts. You will learn how to write your own Bible study, how to give it, how to answer tough questions, and how to lead someone to make decisions for Christ. You will learn how to close the proverbial back door of the church by helping new members become active disciples for Jesus. And so much more!

This course contains approximately 10 hours of video lecture material from the instructors and 4 real-life, hands-on activities. There are review questions and discussion forums to further enhance the learning experience, and evaluation will consist of the 4 practical assignments plus a midterm and a final exam. You may revisit videos as often as you like and can complete your tests and assignments at your own pace. The student earns a certificate of completion upon successfully finishing the course requirements with a passing grade.

The instructors for this course are active and experienced soul-winners who bring their years of experience to help you avoid many common pitfalls in personal evangelism. You will be spiritually renewed and empowered to get to work as you take this course to become a fisher of men.

Course Objectives

  • Students will understand the Biblical model of the cycle of evangelism and all its components
  • Students will be able to comfortably and tactfully converse with anyone
  • Students will be able to transition from a secular to a spiritual conversation
  • Students will identify and obtain Bible studies interests
  • Students will write their own Bible studies
  • Students will give Bible studies to people they have reached
  • Students will apply the science of leading a soul to make spiritual decisions
  • Students will be able to confidently answer various objections
  • Students will understand the importance of and proper process to prepare an individual for baptism
  • Students will be introduced to tools and methods to disciple new members into soul-winners
  • Students will incorporate evangelism as a key aspect of their lifestyle

Course Outline

  1. 1. Cycle of Evangelism Overview (8 segments)
  2. 2. Preparing the Soil of the Heart (6 segments)
  3. 3. Sowing the Seed of Truth (4 segments)
  4. 4. Cultivation of Spiritual Interest: Getting Bible Studies (14 segments)
  5. 5. Cultivation of Spiritual Interest: Writing Bible Studies (7 segments)
  6. 6. Cultivation of Spiritual Interest: Giving Bible Studies (7 segments)
  7. 7. Harvest: Gaining Decisions for Christ (18 segments)
  8. 8. Harvest: Preparing for Baptism (7 segments)
  9. 9. Preservation: Discipleship of New Members (7 segments)

Course Requirements

EM.Ev101 (suggested not required)
A desire to work for Jesus!


The Discipleship Handbook and Mentor’s Guide is a great resource for church members who sense their need of active soul-winning and discipleship. The Personal Evangelism course recommends this tool and will even teach you how to get the most out of the handbook and guide. Get your copy at the AudioVerse Store.

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Mark Howard

Mark Howard is the director of the Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism, a school that specializes in training lay people for sharing the gospel. He currently pastors in Michigan with his lovely wife, Stephanie and their two children: Caleb and Annie.

Course Staff Image #2

Kameron DeVasher

Kameron DeVasher is a pastor in the Michigan conference. After graduating with a B.A. in Religious Education from Southern Adventist University in 2000, he spent seven years as the pastor and Bible teacher at Gem State Academy in Idaho before taking the call to Florida. He then moved to Michigan where he currently resides and pastors. He enjoys life with his wife, Emilie, and their two sons, Henry and Edward.

Course Staff Image #3

Wes Peppers

Wes Peppers serves as a pastor in the Michigan Conference and formerly as the Global AFCOE Coordinator at Amazing Facts. He became a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian at the age of 22 after being an atheist/agnostic for several years. Soon after accepting Christ, quitting college football and a life of reckless living, he entered into full time ministry. He has served globally as an evangelist, speaker, and AFCOE teacher. A recent cancer survivor at age 28, he has a powerful testimony of God's goodness and a renewed passion for His message. His greatest desire is to lead young people into a deeper, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and teach them how to share Him with others.

Course Staff Image #4

Jim Howard

Jim Howard is the Personal Ministries Director and Evangelism Coordinator and Adult Sabbath School directior for the Michigan Conference. Before entering the ministry, he graduated from the Ohio State University and had a 14-year career in corporate accounting, last serving as a Plant Controller for Worthington Cylinder Corporation. He began his pastoral ministry in Ohio in 2004 before accepting a call to join the Michigan pastoral team in 2007. Since coming to Michigan, Jim has served as the pastor of several churches, as District Superintendent, and as a member of the Conference Executive Committee and Training Center Churches Committee. He and his wife Sonya were married in 1995 and are blessed with two daughters, Kayla and Lindsey.